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Would you like to increase your self-awareness
expand your options
empower yourself?

I invite you to step out to the edge of your known self…

Growth, learning, stretching your abilities, letting go of old dross that doesn’t serve any longer, these all require that you venture into ‘edge territory’. It’s the place of increased ‘self-ness’ and of calculated risk. It’s exciting and alive and juicy.

We will never move faster than you are willing or able. Coaching and intuitive insight are all about empowering you and setting you up for success on your terms. It’s all inside you waiting.

Are you ready to explore and unfold? Let me introduce myself…

PSST… Check these out!

I – Podcasts About Coaching

I’m podcasting as a guest with Marketing Mentress, Christine Till, from July until December 2013. Each session is just 15 minutes so it will fit easily into your schedule. Each gives you some insight into the benefits and different aspects of coaching:

Podcast 1 - Inspiration for Becoming a Coach
What is an Intuition Incubator?
An example of what coaching can do for the client

Podcast 2 – Staying in Alignment with Your Talent
Exploration of Finding Your Self Package
How ‘inner knowing’ comes into play
My ideal client

Podcast 3 – What Coaching Can Do for You
What to look for in a coach
How to know what type of coach is best for you
Deciding what you need in a coach

Podcast 4 – Transformational Coaching for Empowerment – Emergent Package
Coming soon!

IIProfessional Intuition Incubation Sessions Link here to my new series of support sessions for all of you wanting to know how to make friends with your intuitive voice and use it to enhance your professional life. All in a safe, incubator-like environment! the next offering begins in September. Get on my mailing list using the contact button below (or the ‘contact’ tab above if you’re mobile) so you don’t miss the announcement for registration.

IIIThe Wake-up Call - The High-Definition recording of my live channelling event now available to purchase as a streaming video. 120mins available for the super-low, accessible price of only $9 CDN. Link to my shop to find out more and to purchase on-line.